Our Process


  • Architect will have designs done.
  • Pricing completed from architects specification.
  • Once building is ready we will double check measurements prior to manufacture of kitchens.


  • Kitchens are manufactured in our state of the art factory. According to your project plan timeline.
  • Kitchens are quality checked and dispatched to site to make sure they arrive on time to meet the project time frame.

Site Preparation

  • Once the site is prepared our team “Measure and Mark” the Site for the installers. This ensures the correct installation of each unit.


  • Our team of trained installers arrive on-site and move each unit to the correct apartment. Checking each unit to ensure your project standards are met.
  • Once the team starts installation they work from unit to unit in a programmed manner.
  • Our teams will be inducted into your site Health and Saftey programs as required.
  • During the installation your project manager will updated daily on progress.

Quality Control

  • All work carried out by our installers is checked by our onsite program manager.
  • You can be assured your project will be completed on time and to the required standard.